Southern Ground-Hornbill

I have only seen them once, many years ago, in the Kruger National Park and took pictures with an 35 mm film camera. I still want to share them with you. This is one of those birds that stayed with me all these years. Why? Look at them, they walk slowly with those big feet, they have these big bills, but the thing that stood out to me…they have big long eye-lashes. I always remember that when I see these pictures.

The males facial skin is red and females have a small blue throat and extensive red neck pouches. Juveniles have yellow patches. Usually in family groups, hunt for small mammals, reptiles and insects. Rare outside reserves.

463 bromvoel 002

Juvenile in the back.

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2 thoughts on “Southern Ground-Hornbill

    • Boeta says:

      These are birds I saw when I was about 18 and on holiday with parents, near 30 years ago. We have about 800 local and migrant species. Not sure how it compares, each region has its own unique birds. Thanks for the comment.

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