The wave…

Boeta has been a little slow in “public” waving. He started doing his first wave around 12 months, but did not grasp the real value or reason for it, until now.

He is waving to everything that moves…ta ta! Cute and significant, I would guess.

The post this morning, update, he had a sleep around 6.30 am to *8 am, then tried by 12 pm, but some construction at our neighbor’s house meant a whole 45 minutes was all that was achieved.

So now we are pushing through to 6 pm. Seriously feeling it at the moment.

Series of pictures with crappy mobile, but you get the idea!

1. Practice on dad

6-IMG00911-20140716-1357 1-DSC_0028

The wave to vehicles passing and people walking.5-IMG00910-20140716-1357

Wait for next chance to greet someone, “Ta Taaa”!2-DSC_0029

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