African Spoonbill (Platalea alba)

How would it feel to walk around with a spoon for a mouth? Well, I guess this bird should be able to answer that question. The African Spoonbill, pure white, a challenge for a point and shoot, especially on early afternoon, with distinctive long, flattened spoon-like bill. Red tinge around the edges with featherless (bare) face.

We saw these in the Eastern Cape, around Port Elizabeth, but they occur in most of Southern Africa, except dry regions, up the eastern African countries mostly.

03-DSCF0140They feed by sweeping those spoons side to side. I tried to get some pictures of this.

10-DSCF0153 09-DSCF0152 08-DSCF0148 06-DSCF0145 05-DSCF0143 04-DSCF0141Hope you enjoy this quick look at the spoonbills.

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