Swiping the screen at 16 months!

Sometimes we just cannot believe the things kids can do today and how early they seem to get this modern technology world. To be clear, we think many kids manage these things even earlier if allowed, so this post it not about “look-look what he can do!“, although we are proud of him. Most of us within our followers, certainly, remember times before computers and advanced electronics.

We grew up before television, which we saw for the first time in the late 70’s. It started at 6 pm and we could only see the first hour kiddies programming on a black and white television. We played until dark most of the times, not that safe anymore in cities, especially. We sat around the table in the kitchen, talking, sharing stories. Playing card games as a family was lots of fun or having a night with friends, making music, with instruments (dad played guitar) every now and then or dressing up. Lots have changed since those days with things like eating, mostly part of television viewing nowadays.

As a kid, daddy loved listening to music, by putting a vinyl record on a one speaker player and dancing in front of it. Boeta loves doing dancing too, but the music is “live” on the television, kiddies music. 5-DSC_0052

Daddy had a toy (which one can still find today), a ball with various shaped blocks, with which Boeta also plays and loves to play with, today.

 6-DSC_00571-DSC_0046Thinking about how things have changed and what these little people get exposed to every day and what they can do, it is amazing in one sense and in some cases worrying. Looking back again, we had our first radio controlled toys, only at around the age of 12 years. Boeta, at 16 months, have learned to play with his, already!

 4-DSC_0049 2-DSC_0047 3-DSC_0048We had our first computers at University level, 286’s, then 386 and so on. It changed lives, made for hours of sitting in front of huge old screens, saving everything on floppies. Boeta, gets time every night on the Samsung note, playing kiddies games with mom. He loves it and has shown the capability to understand what to do without much tutoring.

1-DSC_0005 2-DSC_0009 Before you think, oh, they are living in the past, no, the comparisons are more to show the difference between us and our son. It is amazing to see and enjoy.

We think it is important to retain some of the old traditions and interestingly enough since he started eating, for instance, we all eat around the table every night. We will focus as most people can already see from the blog on nature and exposing him as much as possible to it, nurturing a respect for it, if nothing else. We will also have to focus on progressive development in terms of all things modern, because it is so very important as well.

This means that as Boeta grows and develops, mom and dad will also have to work to stay with the times, to help everyone make better informed decisions.

17 thoughts on “Swiping the screen at 16 months!

  1. sheldonk2014 says:

    We live in a totally different age of time. I’ve had change my perspective in order for this age of time to grow for my little one. It’s important when times change we must also but as you say there are the simplistic like music, family food time memories to make and share. There will always be technology, take for instance television, at this was new, Now it’s computers. So as I said perspective is key. Hold on to the little for he will grow faster than you can keep up and laugh as much as you can. For the next wave of newness will surely come.

    • Boeta says:

      Very true, for us it is balance also, in everything. We are not the type to go forth without regard, I heard the odd parent say, we are just winging it, younger parents mostly, this is not in our personality. Lol.

  2. Andrew says:

    I met a guy a few years back, who had 3 kids. From 16 down to 4. They were miles apart in terms of what technology they grew up with. The youngest had attached a go pro camera to his train set and videoed it going round the track. And then he uploaded the video onto You Tube. At 4. Staggering.

    • Boeta says:

      I wanted to add about the 15 year gap we have as parents to our friends children who average about 15 y. Decided to leave it out, but things move at such a pace, just amazing…keeping up, nevermind the mobile lingo, which is totally beyond us already. Lol.

  3. (mal)Contented Mother says:

    Wow, little one is doing so well with his shapes! It’s amazing the draw of mobile phones and tablets, sometimes Bubs waddles up to me reaching and I think he wants a hug, but the I realise he just wants my phone! He’s already obsessed with pushing the button for Siri, not quite at swiping level yet though!

    • Boeta says:

      Bubs will get there soon…he he. He only plays as a special, with mum after bath for 15min or so. Making us bonkers with the finger all day asking what, what…Luckily kicking balls and running around inbetween play with toys like shapes are more important to him for now. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Smorgasbord - Variety is the Spice of Life. says:

    Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    I think most parents will enjoy this – I am always amazed when I see toddlers using modern technology as if they have pre-absorbed the ability before birth somehow. We had a computer quite early in the mid 70’s because of David’s job but it took me forever to move from my electronic typewriter across to the the PC. 40 years on and whilst I struggle to maintain a certain level of expertise, children just accept and master. Brilliant.

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