Shoutout to mom…

This is a post for mom. She is away on a 3 week trip to USA, flying somewhere between 2 continents right now. We miss her already.

1-DSCF0050As you fly away
we need you to know
we are okay
although we are feeling a little low.

You are our delicate flower
such a beautiful little seed
You created with your womanly power
giving him all he needs

As you fly away
we will count day and night
yes, we are okay,
but coming home will be such a delight.

We love you mom!
The Boys.
O.R.O. 2014

5-DSC_0068Daddy is no poet, but we hope she likes our little effort and gets comfort from it.

Note: The flowers are that of a Anacampseros sp., a local succulent. They flower at sundown for at most 1 hour for 1 day. They are delicate little things.


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