Mom home = pure happiness

Mom home = pure happiness

Most of you know by now that Mom was away for 3 weeks and arrived back last night. The boys got ready early and got to the airport on time, but as luck would have it, the flight was delayed, still we said rather safe than on time. The plane arrived.

We waited in the reception area and mom came walking through with the airport trolley, loaded with 2 suitcases, computer bag and backpack. When she saw us, immediate tears and speed as she wanted to get to us (Boeta) as quickly as possible. After nearly running over a person who sidestepped the anxious mom, she came speeding to us and in the more or less proximity just let go of the speeding trolley, running and grabbing Boeta. These trolleys have their own brakes once released and it braked but the momentum was such that all the luggage except one came flying of the trolley all over the floor. Mom and Dad did not care at that stage, but Boeta was a little concerned.

Mom got flowers from the boys to show her we missed her and we are happy that she is back.


Fast forward to Saturday morning.

Boeta awoke to a whole family again and was promptly scooped up and put into bed with mom for an additional hour of sleeping bliss in her arms. Daddy got a cake and candles and we belatedly wished her a happy birthday. Then daddy prepared a second spoil with croissants and omelette in bed for all 3 of us. It was obvious that Boeta enjoyed all of this “being treated” and must have thought it an early Christmas.

We got going and he was in full flight by now. Daddy says he has never seen him fall so much, since when he started walking. Why? Well, he was performing for mom. Running past but watching her, showing her things he can do now, dancing, laughing. Mom brought many presents from the USA, but we decided to hold back most for Christmas and only give him 3 “items”. The first item is “Buzz” the Georgia Tech mascot.

06-DSC_0015 07-DSC_0018 08-DSC_0022 09-DSC_0023

The second was in direct relation to his new joy of playing with little cars.

03-DSC_0010 04-DSC_0013 05-DSC_0014

In the last picture he checked if the car has an on/off button. One never knows. After playing with his new stash of little cars, we had to also do the laundry which meant going out the back door and into an area where he is rarely allowed at the moment, due to daddy doing some work there. He was this morning and went straight for the bin of bush soil and compost, which daddy uses to enrich the sandy soil in the garden. He started throwing the soil and it led to uncontrollable laughter.

12-DSC_0053 11-DSC_0039 10-DSC_0038

13-DSC_0070 14-DSC_0071

This lead to a dirty boy, from head to toe. So for one of the first occasions, he will be having an early bath as well.


After his bath or cleaning session, the third a soft toy, one of those mom could not leave behind. An elephant, eagerly accepted and joyously played with.

16-DSC_0078 17-DSC_0079 18-DSC_0084

The rest of the morning involved mom having to take tests in identification of objects…


Mom, being a mom, loved the picture of the baby…


Boeta being a boy and growing, naturally was more interested in the bread picture…


Boeta also showed mom his new special, just for him, chair…


Then there had to be some music played and again lots of acting for mom…

01-DSC_0160 02-DSC_0161

Most of all, playing and running, hugs and kisses, lots and lots of it.

19-DSC_0085 21-DSC_0089

Finally, daddy will repeat with what he started…


 DSC_0167 DSC_0165Mom is our most special flower in a bunch of flowers.


29 thoughts on “Mom home = pure happiness

  1. Silver Threading says:

    I’m so glad you are all home together again! Great pictures. The roses are beautiful! You all are truly blessed. ❤

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