The Essence

The essence of our son. Ok, we know it is back to back posts about him and we will get back to scenery, lions and birds, soon, but it is an important milestone, 1.5 years for us and deserves a back to back Boeta. You see 18 months ago, when the sun set, we were on a new road, incredible, exciting, scary, a little unexpected, but oh so wonderful and with the grace of our Heavenly Father, we have reached this day.


After Boeta’s bath last night, daddy decided to try to capture his son’s essence at 18 months. Yes, missing is the odd tantrum or unhappiness due to one of his parents not playing with him or something he wants but cannot get, but those are luckily not very often. So as the sun went down over our rumbling ocean, daddy released the little chap and snapped away. Enjoy. This is our son.

02-DSC_0774 03-DSC_0783 04-DSC_0790 06-DSC_0803 07-DSC_0807 09-DSC_0828 10-DSC_0831 11-DSC_0837 12-DSC_0840 13-DSC_0842 14-DSC_0856 15-DSC_0857 16-DSC_0864 17-DSC_0867 18-DSC_0875 19-DSC_0881 20-DSC_0883 21-DSC_0884 22-DSC_0889 23-DSC_0894 24-DSC_0897 25-DSC_0900

20 thoughts on “The Essence

  1. sheldonk2014 says:

    Yesterday I had thought that it was 1 and half yrs. It’s that 18 months thing that always throws me off. In the short time I been visiting he has grown sooooooooo big. Almost a man asking for the car keys. A full head of hair and beautiful smile to boot. Times like these are meant for a camera this is the best scenery . I am bless to be able to be a part of it all from so far away . Thank you for sharing and being so open. Great smile, happy and health. You must be doing something rite

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