Safety with mom when you are not feeling 100% is priceless. As many of you know we have had a little of a tough week with Boeta, and his throat infection, combined with the molars breaking through.


The fever is still up and down, but less severe than before. Eating is now a challenge, as he wants to gag on anything with a little grain, so we moved back in time to 11-12 month food. This provides a good base to keep the little man fed without the drama we went through on Tuesday with him, after the doctor visit.

Daddy has to keep his game up, to make the little man laugh and forget the pains while eating or taking medicine. We have been up and down a few times a night, when he stirs and he seems to dream more and talk more in his sleep this week. We are all looking forward to the weekend.

When it isΒ all said and done, cuddling with mom when you are not feeling 100% is still the best thing in the world, so daddy took a photo of Boeta, sleeping and feeling safe, in the arm of his mommy.



39 thoughts on “Safe

  1. sheldonk2014 says:

    When it’s your little your whole world seems to stop. Everything around you seem less important. In the states we’d had are groceries delivered that how complicated it got at times. Life was always looking at you straight in the face with no time to shave. But when everything settles and you take time to reflect it all was worth it, cause in the end you have this beautiful smile looking back at you saying daddy read it again

    • Boeta says:

      Touch wood, we think we are getting there, no fever spikes so far for today, we may get a little lift toward the evening, but looking better. Thanks, looking forward to it.

  2. jenny says:

    So glad Boeta is beginning to feel better. Yes, sometimes sleepy cuddles with mum (together with antibiotics and medicine generally!) are the best cure! πŸ™‚

    • Boeta says:

      Tough week, but he is on the mend, last night he had way too much energy when mom came home, performing, running laughing, caused him to cough, but he is not that sticky anymore and the fever was gone the whole day, so hopefully we are past it, the molar is also through. He spinned so much that he walked right in the dining chair as his head was still spinning – he he. Luckily padded chairs.

      • Boeta says:

        Monday and Tuesday was the worst, broke our hearts, so now we got through our first baby sick week in 18 months, we hope we do not have to do it again, soon. We had such crappy weather, hot – cold, windy that all of it did not help. It changed into 3 seasons in a day.

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