Our environment … 2014.

We have shared with you our trips into nature throughout the year and in equal proportions showed you something of our immediate environment which is dominated by the ocean and views we have of it.DSC_0101

This included a photo here and there of aloes, which daddy collects, from the garden, like the Aloe schelpei from Ethiopia, or the Aloe tharskii in full flower.

98-DSC_0378Mostly we tried to give different views of the coastal area in front of our house and here are a few of our favorite photos.  Now lets fulfill a promise too, A Momma’s View blog had a new challenge idea, Nature Chills. Her question, what in nature makes you chill out and why? The photos below is our answer and it has always been our choice to make nature a big part of our life, because it is one of the few places a person can really get in touch with inner self, take a deep breath, experience relaxing solitude.

37-DSC_031727-DSC_0129 19-DSCF0616 06-2010_0215beachview006926-DSC_0107 04-2010_0215beachview00572-DSC_016323-DSC_029706-DSC_0205The red tide photos attracted a few people, so we show them again. Mom said she saw the post and thought I made the photos a little too red, I laughed and when she got home, she nearly tripped as she saw the color was real.

06-DSC_0296 07-DSC_0297 02-DSC_0275A few posts ago we did a 3 part series on the high seas, so we will not show them again. Moving on, some of them were taken within 1-2 km from the house in the surrounding natural forests we are blessed to have.

03-2010_0215beachview0034 29-IMG_041119-DSC_0106 07-DSC_0026 08-DSC_0032DSC_0266 DSC_0188So there, a nice overview of our environment – and the area we include in the definition of “our rumbling ocean”. We are excited to see, search and share more of our area in the new year and hope you find it interesting.

36 thoughts on “Our environment … 2014.

  1. RMW says:

    What a gorgeous environment… I totally agree about nature, it is so important to immerse oneself in it… and I love the ocean and could never live far from it… I’ll be looking forward to reading more of your posts.

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