The magnificent shining star of O.R.O.!

The magnificent shining star of O.R.O. – 2014!


Boeta, yes, the little rascal running around in the house. He is the glue of this blog and all the previous highlights, be it wildlife, birds or environment, had been experienced with him at our side, as it should be.

AJ working hard and started pulling faces too!

Boeta working hard and started pulling faces too!

So a quick look at our year in relation to Boeta, and his development. You joined us when boeta was not 1 yet, in May/June. At this stage he was crawling, started late in February 2014. Training for crawling was a hard job and we started to see more and more of the joking fun-loving boy at this early stage.

AJ preparing to crawl, one hand open in position.

Boeta preparing to crawl, one hand open in position.

                                                                                                                                                                              This photo was taken around early February when he showed his eagerness to want to crawl, starting to get the little brain sorted to do this main step to mobility.

Still a nice plump little boy, breastfed by his loving mom and healthy, inquisitive and starting to take solid food.

Moving forward to March, 9-10 months, and he was at full speed. All the family gathered for his Grandfather’s 80th birthday and Boeta saw them for the first time, that is, the extended family.

AJ  tearing down the hallway, 10 months

Boeta tearing down the hallway, 10 months

A favorite book with sliding windows

A favorite book with sliding windows

His rapid development from here astounded us at times. He has always had a big love for books, which we keep encouraging by adding more on a regular basis, we have books everywhere in the house.

Eating a rice cake!

Eating a rice cake!

25-DSC_0305One of the tough sides at times, especially for mom, having to leave her son for work, was being a single parent, we had to handle this as best we can, and we think we achieved it via Skype and constant communication. Mom was away for a total of 19 weeks this year.

botaThis also afforded the little man to get to know things like notepads, which amazed us as it seems to just be a natural thing for the little man, but having said that, we carefully manage his usage of it and believe to focus on his books, nature and play as the most important things we can do for him now.

He started walking around a week before he was 1-year-old. We count ourselves very lucky that through all his “first” achievements, mom has been there and witnessed it. So we could applaud our man together as he developed.


Proud parents shared his 1st Birthday with you on the 4th of June. It is still something of a wonder and amazing thing to say we are parents after being married for 17 years, now nearly 19 years. We decided to bake his first cake ourselves, and although it was no designer piece, we were very proud of it. He loved bunnies at this stage.


With movement and walking, came learning new skills, first was to collect the ball and throw it or push his red sports car around the house. Daddy also secured the deck, to allow him to play on it, which extended to run and play space from the whole of the living room to outside as he wished.

Blowing the candle!

Blowing the candle!

One must have some fun on your birthday!

One must have some fun on your birthday!


By July we had a fully active toddler on our hands.

06-DSC_0088 (2) 08-DSC_0224 06-DSC_0214 2-DSC_0029 Boeta kick5-DSC_00682-DSC_0004 (2)Then there is mom. Daddy being the primary caregiver, his participation is sort of given, but as parents we do put a lot of emphasis on mom when she is home, making sure she never feels out of the loop and always knows she is the one and only mom in our lives.

11-DSC_0483 3-DSC_047226-DSC_051908-DSC_0048DSC_0025e DSC_0026

Nothing like the love and touch of a mother. NOTHING.

DSC_0261e DSC_0165 DSC_0169Boeta also got to experience nature with us, from our trip to the Addo national park, playing at the beach, and even his first flight to visit his Grandparents in September.


Doing some research in daddy’s birding book.7-DSC_0350 9-DSC_0065 6-DSC_0044 5-DSC_0038 1-DSC_0005 09-DSC_0033 02-DSC_0009 02-20140801_110238 14-DSC_0558 02-DSC_0443 11-DSC_01741-IMG00943-20140902-0925 03-DSC_0445 08-IMG-20140929-WA051 04-IMG-20140929-WA043Is there anything one can say to top a year of so many firsts. It was an excellent year for the 3 of us. We had achieved much as a family, but the main achiever was our little Boeta. He has been a trooper in sickness (last 2 weeks around Christmas), he has been the light of our lives all year-long, always laughing, running, jumping and yes we do have a tantrum here and there as he tries to communicate displeasure at something, but for the main, our star, we could not have asked for a more wonderful gift and we are so very proud of him. Looking forward to 2015!

05-DSC_0463 05-DSC_0459 19-DSC_048712-DSC_0056 18-DSC_026515-DSC_0075 04-DSC_0049 06-DSC_0056DSC_0337e DSC_0324e5-DSC_0052IMG01104-20141124-1627 15-DSC_044709-DSC_00713-DSC_0053 22-DSC_0889 23-DSC_0894 19-DSC_0881

7-DSC_0386As adults we can just wish everyone the best for 2015! May it be your best year ever, may you take something from a toddler like ours and see everything you encounter as a brand new experience to learn from and enjoy. Above all else, may 2015 be full of love, laughter and so many precious moments that it will be difficult to choose the best. Thanks for following us throughout most of 2014, and hoping you stay with us in 2015! For those of you who took the time to comment on posts, sending hugs and love our way, mostly towards the little star, thank you with all of our hearts.

CHEERS 2014!

58 thoughts on “The magnificent shining star of O.R.O.!

  1. Silver Threading says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures from the beginning of your blog. I feel so blessed to be part of your lives. Thanks for sharing your lives with me. Happy New Year. Lots of great discoveries ahead for Boeta this year. ❤

    • Boeta says:

      Oh just a pleasure, blog Granny, thanks to you for your warmth, felt even here in SA. We can only wish you and your family at large, including the 4 – legged children, the best of the best for 2015.

  2. littlevantuil says:

    You have done such a magnificent work summarizing your blog in all aspects. It’s such an enjoyment to read each of your post, with of course Boeta as the shining star. Happy new year for your lovely family, and keep up the good work in the next year(s)! Cheers! 🙂

  3. Patrizia M. says:

    Bellissimo guardare questo riassunto del blog, con tante foto splendide di Boeta. Grazie, è stato molto piacevole. Tantissimi auguri, Buon 2015 alla felice famigliola e che la stella di Boeta splenda sempre di più.
    Ciao, Patrizia

  4. Lee says:

    Wow! Has he grown this last year! Not to rush things, but it will be amazing to see another sequence this time next year as we look back over 2015’s adventures and growth of Boeta.
    Lord bless your year!

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