Good morning mom

“Good morning mom, sleep well?” Mom looks at me with quizzical pulled face, knowing that I know the answer to the question. “Nope, not really”, she says, a faint smile, eyes still semi-closed as the smell of the early morning coffee starts to engulf the bedroom.

DSC_0936e-001You see, it is the 1st of January! We did not go out, we stayed home, and we did not wait for 12 pm. We have a little boy at home, and he went to bed early, but then the pre-festivities started as some people, who still disregard their neighbours, start fireworks at 9 pm, coming to a loud crescendo at 12 pm and unbelievably the little one slept through most of it, but still slept very uneasily and eventually woke once or twice.

DSC_0935e-0015 am, we had to get up and start the day. Boeta naturally wakes around this time.
6.30 am
“What a lovely morning we have today, mom.”
“Oh, wow, perfectly still and thank goodness, quiet.”
By 7 we sit on the deck, having breakfast with the little one, enjoying a perfect morning, and it being the first morning of 2015 it seems to be just perfect in every way. We enjoy the boats floating in the water, slowly rocking side to side, somewhere behind us a bird is busy with its morning call. The soft sounds of the waves breaking against the rocks, calmly dissipating into the multitude of pools, seems even mother nature is intent on making this day a wonderful start to the year.

7.30 – 8.30
“beep – beep”
“dum, drrrr, dumm, dumm…….dum, drrr, dumm, dumm or buff, buff buff, bbbbuff”
We look at each other? Oh crap, we forgot about this. It is also one of the few days in the year that we have gridlock on the otherwise peaceful road, winding past our house, all along the coast. Humans, noisy, partying, screaming, drinking humans!! It is such a shock to suddenly live in the city, or rather that the city has suddenly arrived at our peaceful little nook. The whole ambiance changes in seconds. We do not mind the holidaymakers enjoying the day as they want and in fact it become an interesting “Did you see that?” or funny event this morning and eventual day.

DSC_0011eDSC_0016eAbove photo was taken in the morning, just as the people started to arrive.

12 am
We have kept the little man sufficiently busy during the morning with our combined available energy, for him to take his midday nap. Mommy and daddy gratefully accepts this opportunity to nap and recharge themselves and within 15 minutes the family is in  peaceful happy dreamland.

2 pm
Boeta awake again…dum, drrr, dumm ti dumm…..daddy puts him on his shoulder and he sleeps.
2.45 pm
We are all up again, the rumbling ocean still being drowned out by people having their new year’s fun.

DSC_0005e5.30 pm
We do not deny them their pleasures, we do wonder sometimes why they came with all the bells and whistles to place where the environment dictates just the opposite, we do not envy them. As the sea of humanity goes back to town, we cannot help but feel fortunate, because they, mostly, do decide to come here to experience a relaxing day, to spend a day with friends and family. In that, we are reaffirmed to our decision to live here and tonight we go to bed, being grateful for our little family and fortunate to experience this lovely piece of the world as it should be, on most days.

We are ready for a new day, a normal day, we wish each and every person enjoying themselves down at the beach a wonderful and blessed new year, but … we are ready for the 2nd of January to arrive. We hope some of them come back at various times of the year, just so they can really enjoy our environment, the real one, not the artificial chaos of vehicle noises, screams, partying and the constant dum, dum or buff buff that goes with almost every party song, never mind the words.

DSC_0139eHappy New Year to all our blogging friends.
We wish you peace, love, success and all other dreams you may have for 2015!

This post is part of Just Jot it January,

an idea of Linda Hill. Follow the link by clicking on the badge to find out more.

Just jot it January 2015


16 thoughts on “Good morning mom

  1. Andrew says:

    I find so many people hiking with a radio blaring out. Usually old Chinese music. I listen to the silence or the hum and buzz of insects, the murmurings and chatter of birds. Not the radio. You have my sympathy. Silence is golden.

    • Boeta says:

      We are not all the same, I accept that, but the reason could be asked? What is your intention of being there? Not sure about it, confuses us a little to be sure.

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