Mother and Child

I have titled this post “mother and child” to convey 2 thoughts I had and still have while taking these photos of Mom and Boeta.

1. Standing back.

Sometimes when we are out and about, mainly to find birds and animals to photograph and above all to give Boeta experiences in nature, I find myself standing back and observing a mother and with her child. I cannot help but point my camera in that direction and start taking photos as they do whatever they do. I feel fortunate to be able to catalog such love and sincere interaction as well, I think it is a wonderful thing to witness, the unclouded interactions between a mother and her children and the flow of energy back and forth between them. Hoping you can see what I mean by these photos.

Mom and son 3 Mom and son 4 Mom and son 2 Mom and son 5

2. Emotional

Mom is back at work and being totally truthful, the day before she went back was very emotional for her. I can only try to understand and support as a husband to his wife, but recognize that the deep feelings of sadness also has their origin in the type of moments shared in above photos and the realization that for now there will be a little less of that on a full day basis with a new year and the inevitable away from home times that will happen. As men, we do not really get emotional about these things, at least for me that is true. I (we) see it as life and things that just has to be done, rather focusing on the next occasion.

What gets me emotional is looking at my family like I am fortunate to do in situations like above. My biggest dream for my wife has always been, for her to be a mother too, in addition to all she has achieved in life. After all these years, maybe because we are a little older, it tugs on my heart every time I see her with her son, interacting with him and feeling proud, being the father and husband to these two. Seeing her walk on the walkway hand in hand with her son, talking and explaining things, pointing, helping and talking him through the steps helping him climbing them as I am sure she will do for the rest of his life, my chest swells to bursting point with pride, looking at my wife, a mother … with her son. A happy uncontrolled tear rolls down one’s cheek, mine at least….to use a more modern term…that is so cool!

Talking about modern, the young man also thinks it is pretty cool…look at this face as he saw me taking the photos.

Mom and son 1

 A face like that makes you wonder what he will get up to in the future….time will tell.

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29 thoughts on “Mother and Child

  1. ladysighs says:

    What a lovely post. I think some of the best photos are of mother and child…yours or course and of the all the other dedicated moms. The bonds are the same. 🙂

  2. yprior1 says:

    I am so glad I was able to enjoy this post today – and it is cool because the first post I read at your blog was one where you and B were waiting for momma to return form a trip (I think).
    anyhow, feel free to email me if you want a few more thoughts on mom’s working and my personal experience – as well as what I have seen with other moms. BUt in hindsight – I see that it was a serious “gift” to me to go back and work when my first one was little. I was angry about it at the time – not so much emotional – but the anger was creeping in slightly throughout the year back – but what really helped me was working part-time instead of full time. and I do not want this to get too long, but seriously – a lot of healthy moms I know with thriving families have usually been when the mom was working part-time – I was a counselor for a few years and also taught parenting classes and family enrichment workshops (and the training for that was rich) but seriously, sometimes the work a mom gets to do enriches their role as mother, wife, and as a person who has other needs in the world besides just serving a family. Even though the family is the number one priority – which you note so well as you comment on “standing back to observe” momma and babe – ❤ ahhh – said so well.
    lastly, my spouse and I just had our 20th xmas together and what helped us doing those early years was exactly what you noted here – learning about our styles of communicating, our responses to stress or situations – and then learning how to merge so we could do life with intention and stay one along the way – and that takes some figuring out – especially as life unfolds. and one thing it sounds like you already know is that guys are often less emotional – but can worry or get wore down too – but they also try to "fix things" when maybe us gals just need to vent and process it through what feels like a meltdown. ha! my husband had to learn how I coped and also had to learn how to cope – and well, it took a few years but it really paid off by getting resources (like good books) and just talking tip 4 a.m. if needed – and lots of couple time too.
    and the last thought you give us – with that face that makes you wonder about his future – well how cool (and nice t-shirt) and well my first son just went to college this year and I know you will hear this a lot – that it goes fast – and well, my mission was always to be fully available to my kids – and that is important when nursing and during those early years (which by the way – are so exhausting we learned that physically it is easier in later years) but being available and around and involved and loving worked better for me when I worked part-time – I see it more in hindsight how it also kept me mentally fresh – but it really allowed a professional side of me to fuel a bit – which I know made me a better mom. Of course the seasons change and there are times to refresh and to times to push through, but working can be a very good thing and can complement motherhood.. 🙂
    have a great day!

    • Boeta says:

      We had 17 years together before Boeta, and although a long time before a child, it does have the advantage of us being able to sort and understand each other’s emotions better, which in tern creates a strong platform of unity and a good environment for the young man to grow up in, we think. Our life is a adventure in wish we all share. Thanks for the comment.

  3. sheldonk 2014 says:

    It’s sometimes just bring there for the.ride, the experience, the emotion will come later on when you least except. We can’t always turn emotion on, all we can do is wait for it to come. I love this post It’s great to see life in motion

  4. Andrew says:

    The good thing is that you understand how fortunate you are and Boeta will undoubtedly grow up in a stable and loving home. So many children don’t have that good fortune. You are all blessed.

    • Boeta says:

      Thanks, as you go through life and all it has to offer, it is good to stand still for a moment and enjoy that which is special, what it lays at the heart of it all.

  5. Jane Thorne says:

    Pure love flows through your words, photographs and the faces looking back at you. Here’s to a sparkly 2015 for you three and the loving bonds you have. ❤

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