Last day

The cottage morningNext morning was the last morning on the farm in the Karoo. We started the morning s we do nearly every morning, with hour of book reading.

This is an important hour of bonding between mom and Boeta, while daddy get ready for the day ahead with Boeta. On this day we were on holiday, so daddy got ready for one last walk on his own, while Boeta got ready for the day with mom. The road to our next destination was waiting. But we had some time to walk around one last time.

The cottage morning-13

I saw a pair of Pied Barbets having a disagreement. Sorry about the second shot, but message is clear to see.

The cottage morning-10 The cottage morning-11

My first stop was to see if I could capture the Rock Hyrax in the Agave plants. Many of the old farm have these near especially old houses, but I have never seen Rock Hyrax living in them and using it as obvious protection.

The cottage morning-2 The cottage morning-3 The cottage morning-4 The cottage morning-6 The cottage morning-7 The cottage morning-9

They were warming up in the early morning sun, so I got a few nice shots. As I passed them walking into the fields, they disappeared to the lower levels and protection. I heard a crow on the morning breeze and looked in the direction of the calls. It was slowly gliding along the road, probably looking for possible easy food from a car strike during the night.

The cottage morning-8 The cottage morning-14The sounds of the sheep grew louder as I walked into the field. My senses were alive and I was determined to enjoy every sound, smell, sight as the crispness of the morning tingled on my face.

The cottage morning-5

 More later…


24 thoughts on “Last day

  1. davidprosser says:

    Great shots. I especially like the Hyrax, I can’t decide if they all have a happy smile as they know something we don’t or perhaps they’ve all adopted the Poirot moustache.

  2. circadianreflections says:

    What a delightful walk! I wish I was there! Your crows look so different from ours. Yours have two distinct colors! Ours are black with highlights.

    How interesting that the Hyrax is related to the Elephant which so, so, so much bigger! I’ve never seen one. Not even in a zoo! I’ll have to look them up.

    I love that you have an hour of book time with Boeta in the morning. We have reading time daily too, but it’s off and on all day everyday. We don’t have a specific time for it for Mom, or Pappa.

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