kersfees-55For the purpose of keeping up to date with all that happened around the festive season, I have to include Christmas too. This was the reason for Boeta’s Grandparents staying with us and the first time Boeta had more of an idea what it was all about.

It started the previous day with preparations and for the first time a photo of the half-finished kitchen, I am nearly done, just the tiles and a few smaller touches. This is such a nice pick of mom doing her thing, I have to include this.

kersfees kuier-12

She is the heart of our house after all.

I took time to shoot a few more shots of her and Boeta.kersfees kuier-11

kersfees kuier-8

The photo of Boeta and mom is after his afternoon nap, he loves waking up in her arms.

Christmas Day

We started by opening some gifts with Grandma and Grandpa, while they were still in bed that morning. We spread the opening of gifts over the whole morning for Boeta, otherwise it is too much and he does not enjoy each as he should. kersfees-52After the first session we had breakfast and then we did another stint.


kersfees-41We decided to change and do a Christmas photo shoot. I am pretty certain I do not have to add to much words to this, as you can easily see that we had some fun here…

kersfees-40 kersfees-39 kersfees-38 kersfees-37 kersfees-36 kersfees-35 kersfees-54 kersfees-53

Personally I would like to add that I love the photo and it represents all that my wife and Boeta’s mom is.

Elegant, motherly, soft touches, warm personality and full of love and again the heart of our house.

One final (official) photo we all liked.


We had a lovely Christmas dinner and after nap-time for the whole family we went to the beach for Boeta’s sake. I took the camera with and took a few shots.

kersfees-48 kersfees-45 kersfees-43 kersfees-42

Mom and Boeta watching sundown and throwing rocks.


Grandpa watching the sun going down.


kersfees-51So that was our day, Christmas 2015.

For us…


45 thoughts on “Ho-ho-ho

  1. Madeeha says:

    It’s more than perfect. Sitting on the knees of his mother, the expressions of Boeta are priceless. He’s amazed to see the new looks of his father and then his grandfather 🙂

  2. davidprosser says:

    Judging from the smiles everyone was having a wonderful time. Boeta seemed very controlled opening his gifts unless someone is gathering the discarded paper as it happened.
    The photographs of the coastline are stunning.
    Happy New Year

  3. jmnowak says:

    I just love your Featured image at the top of the post! So colourful and cheerful, just what Christmas is all about too. Boeta looks to enjoy the colourful gift wrapping, studying the design…maybe an artist in the making? And those fantastic shots on your walk…wow…superb place! Wish I’d been there, with you. Happy New Year to you all! 🙂

  4. Crystal M. Trulove says:

    I have two big impressions from this post: First of all, your wife has the most lovely eyes. That second shot of her is stunning. You must tell her that all the time. 🙂 And next I really love your landscape photos here – great work! The second one is my favourite. It’s like a calendar photo. wow. Beautiful. And yes, you are right that no explanation is needed: your family was certainly filled with love and fun that day. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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