An easel and Lighthouse

Koffielaagted2b-9Before I continue, please accept my deep humble thanks for all the the warm comments I have received with regard to my painting endeavors. It is a wonderful confidence booster to get such warm supportive remarks. I have lots to learn and I am using every painting as a chance to learn at the moment. Doing various settings and subjects to find out what I like to paint or have a better feeling for…

Today I decided to build a proper easel for me to work on with the ability to handle all sorts of sizes in terms of canvasses. I can also add and develop it further as I see shortcomings or things I want to add that would make the process easier…..

Right the Lighthouse…I will post the last 2 stages of the development again and my final painting or interpretation.

Koffielaagted2b-7 Koffielaagted2b-6

I did not like the above rocks and wanted more definition. So I redid it and got wonderful rocks but that resulted in shifting focus from the lighthouse in my wife’s and my mind. So I went artistic with the front rocks, bringing in the colors of the rocks at the most southern most point of Africa.Koffielaagted2b-8

It was a fun exercise and would serve as valuable training material in future efforts, I hope.


34 thoughts on “An easel and Lighthouse

  1. Crystal M. Trulove says:

    I’m crazy about that easel! Did you really build it yourself? I would love to have one just the same. The wooden arms to the side are just the thing for holding up your source material. I like the way you have shaded the lighthouse here. Nicely done. And yes, the rocks are gorgeous.

  2. Bee Halton says:

    I have no clue about painting or paintings. I just like them or not and I like yours a lot. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  3. sheldonk2014 says:

    very inspiring
    It’s great to see you spread your creative wings
    I know how it feels when you first start
    Validation is everything
    You go my friend
    Paint till your hearts content
    I can’t wait too see what’s next
    Tell Boeta I said hello
    As always Sheldon

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