Spending time together…

The aim of this trip was spending time together as a family and enjoying being one. So I will try to give some idea of this through the activities of Boeta for a day at the lodge. After breakfast we sat outside having a nice coffee. It did not take long before Boeta had one and then two friends from the lodge and they played together.

Boeta lodge-3 Boeta lodge-2 Boeta lodge Boeta lodge-5 Boeta lodge-4

Boeta lodge-6Their mom called them for something and Boeta decided to take mom for a walk as I was also walking around looking for birds to photograph, such as the those in the previous posts.

He was in a running mood and at that moment nothing else mattered to me. I wanted to capture the 2 year-old in flight and I wanted to capture the delight.

Se if you think I managed this…

Boeta lodge-7 Boeta lodge-8 Boeta lodge-10 Boeta lodge-9

Boeta lodge-23Before we knew it, it was midday and time to nap. After his 3 hour nap, he was ready for more play on the big lawn at the lodge. We were so peaceful at this stage, totally relaxed. I say we, because I could see mom also felt relaxed.

The best for me was watching them together, mother and child, just being together.

Boeta lodge-17 Boeta lodge-18 Boeta lodge-19 Boeta lodge-20

Boeta, being a healthy toddler, does not sit still for too long and as you would guess he was off again, exploring.

Boeta lodge-21 Boeta lodge-22

He found another friend of similar age and they had a quick play or combined investigation of the wagon behind them.

Boeta lodge-16

Boeta lodge-11It was getting late and we had to start planning dinner and bath-time. We spent as much time as we could outside together that day and the day played along even keeping the mood serene right into the evening.

So as the sun sets, you can see the figure of a mother and her son on the grass taking it all in. I soon joined them, taking a deep satisfied breath.

Boeta lodge-12

Boeta lodge-15 Boeta lodge-13


30 thoughts on “Spending time together…

  1. littlevantuil says:

    Your photo serie manages to capture the story and atmosphere happening that day, precious family time! The only thing missing on the photo’s is the photographer himself, he he…

  2. jmnowak says:

    The lodge looks like a lovely place to relax, especially when you have such big skies and scenery to enjoy…I’d feel at home there, that I know. Boeta has a cute kisscurl…I had one just like it at his age! A lovely day.

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