Thinking of my dad

I found an old scanned photo of my dad from the 1950’s. I just wanted to do something with it, so for the last few days I painted it, digitally.

The original scan is 56 kb in size and very blurred.

The only way to actually enjoy this was to start from scratch and paint it.

This is the result.


Update: My Dad did recognize himself and Mom said this is how he looked when he came to visit riding his bicycle nearly 60 km to her. That was 62 years ago.


Pin-up series

I am practicing the art of pin-up’s from the 40-60’s. It is more to create a base to have in my portfolio. This would allow for people to see what is possible with a normal portrait photo given some more room to play. We need to explore and play – make things and life interesting.

My latest pin-up painting from a stock photo..


Woman in Kitchen

This is the 3rd of 5 pin-up’s I am planning to paint. The first 2 were just faces and I am building on this with more and more detail.


It is a fun project. Will show you the last 2 once I have them sorted.