The Healer


The Healer

I thought one of the ways to enhance the blog in future was to not only give you an image or 5, but also speak more toward my feelings and the reasons for the work.

I will begin with saying that the whole family has the flu. This already had put me on this path of wanting to create an image with that theme. What led me to use the birds was actually very sad. The bird being held softly in her hands is in fact a swallow that was killed by a vehicle and I found it on my morning walk.

I photographed it with flowers and tar (maybe a future image), but being so fond of swallows since I can remember my overwhelming sadness for this loss and wish for it to fly again crept into this design and eventual composite. I used the Tern image to link the river and the ocean in the background with the model.

Hope this post in interesting enough that you would like to see more.


Fishing, biking and water ballooning

A few weeks ago we had a sudden change in water temperature due to ocean rip current, which cause fish to scatter everywhere I would guess and some got stuck in the pools in low tide. A brilliant opportunity for the Boeta to do his own fishing. He loved it.

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Then came the new bike, his first big boy bike….he really LOVED it….

kersfees kuier-81 kersfees kuier-80 kersfees kuier-83

Finally dad introduced a new game – water ballooning…now this took the cake.. HE REALLY LOVED THIS….

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Just some fun moments in the life of our little man who can now put together enough words to explain what he wants to do, where he wants to go or not….

Such a pleasure watching him develop with such an abundance of joy and laughter…We are proud parents.

kersfees kuier-78

Giving an Exploring Mind Water.

Water and Toddler, I found that the two are nearly inseparable in our case and I have a feeling this may go for many toddlers.

01-DSC_0194I bought Boeta a table that has a bowl in the middle for his first birthday, knowing that playing with water and sand would be on the cards in the summer. Today we took our chance again to play with the water, while the winter temperatures stayed fairly acceptable. Unfortunately, we are preparing for another cold front coming in, from Friday, another wet weekend ahead.

03-DSC_0201I put water in with some rubber play-things, which included fish, crab  and other marine type figures. He, fished them out, threw them as far as possible, leaving an empty bowl with water to hit, which he loves. I knew he will be wet after this exercise, but I also need to give him the space to mess and have fun outside before we get stuck inside again. He loved it, finished by some carrying of the table.

05-DSC_0210 06-DSC_0214and then we moved on to some ball playing. Now the main ball to play with is earth. He loves it and picks it up and throws it, for himself or to me.07-DSC_0220Sometimes the ball do not go in the correct direction, but most times it does.

09-DSC_0225And finally some chasing daddy or daddy chasing boy. He loves running games and in his mind he is a superb sprinter that very few people can catch. Lots of fun for all.

10-DSC_0243We went in for some dry clothes, lunch and a bit of resting or napping, not before he had a last look at birds over the ocean and yes a wave goodbye!

11-DSC_0247 12-DSC_0253