I have been working on some art in Collaboration with Photographer Gabriel Olude. Using his model shoots (20 eventually) to create art I see with each photo. I am a talk to me type person and looking at the photos I go with the one that gets me going first.

The first image that I used was of a model where the image just said strength, strong, powerful. So I did something that I felt said that..

This is a modern strong confident woman, who sparkle in light, who stand in front of a cat protecting it as much as it does her, she demands respect and the maze indicates that you will have to work hard and earn your way to her heart. The map of Africa is not only her home but some say the heart of the world…

Secondly this image – It said – MYSTIQUE – and I wanted to do impressionism/abstract, which I did not really pull off, but this is the result…

Third and last for this set, I wanted abstract again with a model in the rainy streets..”DELIGHT” – Barefoot in the rain.

This was so much fun, I decided late last night to do another unrelated but similar style image called “Dejected”.

I even went as far as doing a room mock-up to see the result in a room.


24 thoughts on “Collaborations

  1. Pieter says:

    lovely work Adriaan! Barefoot in the rain and Dejected are stunning indeed, just as the first one!
    Did you paint them or digitally create these pieces of art? Really love the feel of it!

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