Pin-up series

I am practicing the art of pin-up’s from the 40-60’s. It is more to create a base to have in my portfolio. This would allow for people to see what is possible with a normal portrait photo given some more room to play. We need to explore and play – make things and life interesting.

My latest pin-up painting from a stock photo..


Woman in Kitchen

This is the 3rd of 5 pin-up’s I am planning to paint. The first 2 were just faces and I am building on this with more and more detail.


It is a fun project. Will show you the last 2 once I have them sorted.



Hi guys,

We are busy with the reboot of Rumbling Ocean. This includes manually removing posts, 20 at a time and associated photos. We need to create space again for more blogging.

Personally, I have had a few equipment updates and skill improvements, which should provide for interesting posts in the future. Post will also me more spaced better and both project and/or subject based.

We will do most of what we did, but the focus will shift a little away from Boeta as he grows older and more toward art and nature.

We have also un-followed all blogs (cleaning out the dead weight) for this new start, so expect a re-follow soon. We think it fair to focus on our old friends and followers and build new friends and followers.

Yesterday, I tried my hand at art flower photography…these are out the camera with a few textures added.

boeta-17 boeta-18

Hope to see you on the other side of the reboot, if not thanks for following along over the last 3 odd years.


Another project…Boeta, my first finished face!

BoetaThought I would share this project. I have never attempted a portrait oil painting before and this being number 6/7 paintings it is understandable. I attempted my first face using a women (unknown) to learn. It was not a great success, but gave me some needed chances to play with ideas. All the photos were taken with the old mobile.Boeta-2

The face got distorted with all the practice.

I decided I had enough and did not finish her, because I knew she was just an important stepping stone.

I decided to take a chance and paint a portrait photo of Boeta.

Boeta (2)

I did a 2-tone painting and it looked like I could continue, so I did.


Next was the flesh color and the hat.


I kept building and developing.


Boeta is 9 months old here, has 1 tooth and is wearing his grandfathers hat. This Grandfather is sadly no longer with us, so the original photo had lots of significance as it was taken in his house in Struis Bay. We will frame and put this painting on the wall in that house. So there my first official portrait finished.

An easel and Lighthouse

Koffielaagted2b-9Before I continue, please accept my deep humble thanks for all the the warm comments I have received with regard to my painting endeavors. It is a wonderful confidence booster to get such warm supportive remarks. I have lots to learn and I am using every painting as a chance to learn at the moment. Doing various settings and subjects to find out what I like to paint or have a better feeling for…

Today I decided to build a proper easel for me to work on with the ability to handle all sorts of sizes in terms of canvasses. I can also add and develop it further as I see shortcomings or things I want to add that would make the process easier…..

Right the Lighthouse…I will post the last 2 stages of the development again and my final painting or interpretation.

Koffielaagted2b-7 Koffielaagted2b-6

I did not like the above rocks and wanted more definition. So I redid it and got wonderful rocks but that resulted in shifting focus from the lighthouse in my wife’s and my mind. So I went artistic with the front rocks, bringing in the colors of the rocks at the most southern most point of Africa.Koffielaagted2b-8

It was a fun exercise and would serve as valuable training material in future efforts, I hope.

A lovely day

This is a quick post about a walk to the beach and an emotional present.

We decided to walk down to the beach today, no stroller, just the 3 of us walking to the beach for the first time. It was special to have the little man holding our hands and walking with us. The reward was to play. No camera this time, just the old mobile.

IMG01145-20150228-0822 Daddy put water in the bucket and Boeta decided to wash the rocks.

IMG01143-20150228-0822 IMG01147-20150228-0823It did not take long for him to find his way to the pools and start tossing rocks into the water. It also did not take long for the pants to become drenched as he wanting to stand in the water and lost his balance once or twice while throwing the rocks, which got bigger and bigger.

IMG01154-20150228-0831 IMG01152-20150228-0831 IMG01153-20150228-0831It was a lovely morning with our son at the beach and just another reminder that the little man is growing and learning. Every moment is special for us now.

Talking about special, daddy got a late birthday present today. An oil painting of Boeta, when he was 16 months old, which got both mom and dad in tears. Flash photo, not really the way to go, but we wanted to share.

DSC_1313There is a lot in this painting. Firstly, it is our son, enough to get any parent crying. he is also a wonderful mix of nearly all of our extended family, having something noticeable from his grandparents, aunts and uncles. He also looks at a flower with great significance to mom, as it comes from her parents, which are no longer with us. The photo was taken for mom, on her birthday, when she was away in the USA for 3 weeks. It has now come full circle back to dad as a painting. Finally, the painting was done by his godmother. He was 16 month old.

An emotional end to a lovely day.