Last day

The cottage morningNext morning was the last morning on the farm in the Karoo. We started the morning s we do nearly every morning, with hour of book reading.

This is an important hour of bonding between mom and Boeta, while daddy get ready for the day ahead with Boeta. On this day we were on holiday, so daddy got ready for one last walk on his own, while Boeta got ready for the day with mom. The road to our next destination was waiting. But we had some time to walk around one last time.

The cottage morning-13

I saw a pair of Pied Barbets having a disagreement. Sorry about the second shot, but message is clear to see.

The cottage morning-10 The cottage morning-11

My first stop was to see if I could capture the Rock Hyrax in the Agave plants. Many of the old farm have these near especially old houses, but I have never seen Rock Hyrax living in them and using it as obvious protection.

The cottage morning-2 The cottage morning-3 The cottage morning-4 The cottage morning-6 The cottage morning-7 The cottage morning-9

They were warming up in the early morning sun, so I got a few nice shots. As I passed them walking into the fields, they disappeared to the lower levels and protection. I heard a crow on the morning breeze and looked in the direction of the calls. It was slowly gliding along the road, probably looking for possible easy food from a car strike during the night.

The cottage morning-8 The cottage morning-14The sounds of the sheep grew louder as I walked into the field. My senses were alive and I was determined to enjoy every sound, smell, sight as the crispness of the morning tingled on my face.

The cottage morning-5

 More later…


Morning walk with an archeologist toddler

DSC_0197Saturday, last, was a perfect morning. We decided to take a walk, but not go to the beach, we went inland. So we drove a few kilometers and parked under the trees, selecting an area rich in fynbos, mainly protea species. It was also a wide enough “path” to allow for the big wheel stroller, a must on sandy or gravel roads. Boeta’s own 4×4.

The walk is 4 and half kilometer. Off we went, daddy with the camera and mom with the stroller. It did rain a few days before, so the path still had muddy areas, which although ideal for the little man, not so much for his parents, as we wanted to have a walk and not turn around to get him dry and clean.

DSC_0102Boeta nearly hung over the side of the stroller as he examined the area with so much bushes and flowers. Some of the things he saw, included lizards, Protea and some birds too. We just enjoyed the environment and change in scene.

DSC_0179 DSC_0097 DSC_0012 DSC_0020We hardly talked in this first period, except for answering the odd question from Boeta about something he saw. It was just perfect and we were savoring the smells of the fresh dew and soil mix, the smell of the bushes in the fields around us. We kept on walking but also kept an eye on the path as we decided Boeta should be left to run and explore on the way back.

DSC_0058 As we went along the path got narrower but we kept going to a point where the stroller could not go anymore. Time to turn around. Time for the little man to run and explore.


Boeta immediately went for the rocks and not any, the biggest he could carry in one hand. The problem is when you have 2, you cannot pick up any more and you have to pass so many potential rock and sticks.DSC_0168Daddy, now walking with the stroller told Boeta to bring the rocks, we can put it in the pocket at the back. This was an immediate hit suggestion….look at that face light up.

DSC_0174 DSC_0187We swapped stroller and baby. Mom took the stroller and daddy walked with Boeta. He collected more rocks and gave them to me to put in the pocket, but we also realized these rocks will fill that pocket quickly, so now and then daddy subtly flicked one into the bush again. Boeta realized it will be easier to put them in the pocket himself, so started to do that, which really would not work. Daddy told mom, “Just walk a little faster.” The idea then that it would take longer to reach the pocket and fill it. Boeta picked up speed and ran after mom and the pocket, rocks in hand, laughing. Daddy was in tears, so was mom, but she also had to keep the speed up. Every now and then she would think, I am far enough ahead, time to break…daddy said: “Look behind you”, yes, the little man was right there, rocks in hand.DSC_0231

After our hilarious walk with toddler chasing mom holding big rocks in his hands for around the last kilometer, we drove around the corner to a spot with a bit of a view and some picnic tables for a well deserved refreshment.

Boeta got out and was immediately playing and looking for things to find around the area.

DSC_0289 DSC_0208After all this running and playing Archeologist one gets thirsty and hungry.

DSC_0216It was a wonderful morning as a family, with lots of laughing and as you can see from both the faces of mom and Boeta, running too…or is it chasing? The last 2 images are shots of the view from that spot.

DSC_0269 DSC_0276

A lovely day

This is a quick post about a walk to the beach and an emotional present.

We decided to walk down to the beach today, no stroller, just the 3 of us walking to the beach for the first time. It was special to have the little man holding our hands and walking with us. The reward was to play. No camera this time, just the old mobile.

IMG01145-20150228-0822 Daddy put water in the bucket and Boeta decided to wash the rocks.

IMG01143-20150228-0822 IMG01147-20150228-0823It did not take long for him to find his way to the pools and start tossing rocks into the water. It also did not take long for the pants to become drenched as he wanting to stand in the water and lost his balance once or twice while throwing the rocks, which got bigger and bigger.

IMG01154-20150228-0831 IMG01152-20150228-0831 IMG01153-20150228-0831It was a lovely morning with our son at the beach and just another reminder that the little man is growing and learning. Every moment is special for us now.

Talking about special, daddy got a late birthday present today. An oil painting of Boeta, when he was 16 months old, which got both mom and dad in tears. Flash photo, not really the way to go, but we wanted to share.

DSC_1313There is a lot in this painting. Firstly, it is our son, enough to get any parent crying. he is also a wonderful mix of nearly all of our extended family, having something noticeable from his grandparents, aunts and uncles. He also looks at a flower with great significance to mom, as it comes from her parents, which are no longer with us. The photo was taken for mom, on her birthday, when she was away in the USA for 3 weeks. It has now come full circle back to dad as a painting. Finally, the painting was done by his godmother. He was 16 month old.

An emotional end to a lovely day.

Gardening Toddler

Daddy decided to lift the garden, cleaning out deep growing grass-roots and working in new soil and compost. Being so close to the ocean, also means we have beach sand for soil and it needed to be refreshed. Yesterday an area was done for replanting giving Boeta a great excuse to go play in the sand and help with the gardening. Daddy called him, put his gardening hat on and got his wheelbarrow. He told Boeta to go get his tools as we are going to do some planting. He was out of his skin with excitement.

DSC_0414 DSC_0416We started planting and we use the wheelbarrow to put selected plants in, then we push it close to the area and start planting. Initially it was Boeta’s job to bring the plants for daddy as he put them into the ground. He then decided to try a few himself, planting them upside down, roots in the air. Daddy showed him the correct way. The lizard is his favorite ornament in the garden and he helped putting it just right.

DSC_0418The idea of plants having to be covered with soil, stuck, and he then decided to add soil to every plant, just to be sure daddy did not miss some.

DSC_0485 DSC_0499 DSC_0504 DSC_0511The most important thing in the garden is one’s hat and losing it is not a good thing…the problem is to put it back, while one hand is loaded with soil…luckily, daddy was there to rescue the situation.

DSC_0530 DSC_0535Boeta really loved the play and learning session in the garden and soon he was walking around like a farmer investigating his crop, even learning the words “aloe” and “tag”.

DSC_0524We decided to end the session after about 2 hours and Boeta sat with daddy as they discussed what they did.

DSC_0440In this period of calm after a hard “days” work, Boeta decided to test the soil too! This was a less than good decision, clearly.

DSC_0434 We packed up, ready to go in and have something to drink and eat, having established that soil would not do.

DSC_0427Our neighbors saw us busy in the garden and being very fond of Boeta, they came over to see what was going on. They are Boeta’s favorite neighbors too.

DSC_0451 DSC_0453 DSC_0454 DSC_0462Boeta explained in a language still unrecognizable what we were doing and soon a game developed with the tags we use to mark the aloes.

DSC_0466 DSC_0475At the end of this session we went direct into bath mode. He had soil everywhere, but he was happy, very happy. It really is fun to play with your toddler in the garden, while also teaching them about plants and gardening.

Chasing a Rooster

On Sunday we visited the Farmyard again with friends. While waiting for them, Boeta got a chance to explore a little. He was walking around and saw his favorite “prey”…chickens. They were in for some exercise.

DSC_0028 DSC_0032 DSC_0035The hen shot off to the left, but the rooster was firmly in his sights and had to move his glorious butt to stay ahead. This was no ordinary rooster. He knows all about little people chasing him.

DSC_0039After a bit of a chase, Boeta saw a feather and walked toward it, while the rooster got himself sorted after the run.

DSC_0040 DSC_0042This was a bad idea, Boeta picked up the scent immediately, focus changed. Mom, always in attendance, held him back a little and said “leave the poor rooster alone son”, but daddy said to mom to let the little man go, the rooster is used to this.

DSC_0043The rooster, as to prove daddy’s point walked calmly down to the path, Boeta coming down, carefully and when he was down the rooster just walked up to the grass again. He knows all about this, we were sure now. Boeta was seriously hampered by this move, but it did not stop his enthusiasm one bit.

DSC_0047 DSC_0049 DSC_0052 DSC_0055Time for Mr Rooster to run again….

DSC_0060 DSC_0064He eventually played his trump card and slipped through an opening in the fence. Game over.

Important interaction

At the farm, the most important ingredient for us was our son interacting with nature and seeing farm animals. Doing reading in books and showing him things on television is one thing, but nothing will ever beat giving your child the opportunity to interact with nature.

DSC_1050This happened on all 3 days of our trip, when there was a chance and at Kududu, the owners had a lamb, possibly orphan and chickens. The chickens slept with the parrots in their cage at night.

As we walked around the place, we eventually came to the area where they were and some toys as well. Boeta walked past all these toys, directly to the lamb, which he now mimics, asking and pointing.

DSC_1055 DSC_1058 DSC_1065He then saw the chickens and parrots, jogged around to them.

DSC_1036 DSC_1080 DSC_1101He was so pleased with this find and even tried to give the chickens and the lamb some grass. The best part, seeing the little one’s eyes. They were full of wonder and excitement. Each time he saw another parrot, ran over to point and ask, then he saw the lamb again, like seeing it for the first time, jogged over to that side.

I think another important note to this little story is the fact that mom or dad was always there with him, sharing his joy, answering the questions, laughing with him and exploring with him. It is amazing how quickly he picks up when you are not invested in a process, even at 20 months, they recognize it immediately and it takes the shine off their excitement for sure.

DSC_1040 After properly examining everything and feeling confident he covered all the birds and one lamb, properly, he decided to go and investigate the toys around.

DSC_1071Then he saw the parrots again…we started all over. We have seen it over and over; nothing beats giving a young mind space to explore. If at all possible, getting them outside in real nature with the family, to enjoy and explore, cannot be overstated and you cannot put a monetary value on it.

Another milestone

Today our little man is an unbelievable 20 months old. He has grown and developed at such a speed over the last 2 months, daily adding 2-3 words. Yesterday, boat, horse and sound of donkey. Keeping pace is the main aim now…

Above all, he is a healthy and we think typical toddler. For that we are eternally grateful. Here are few shots to show what we mean. He loves playing in the soil and creating dust, toddler heaven…

We stopped at our regular spot in the Addo for lunch and he was all to ready to enjoy this break from looking for wildlife…First checking, nobody says anything, creating dust…checking again, any negative reaction?

DSC_0407 DSC_0416 DSC_0405 DSC_0399

Walking and exploring, sitting in his favorite position.

DSC_0439 DSC_0448

Then there is the opportunity to learn, always asking us to tell him something…


He is good with color now, not saying, but showing if we ask, counts 6,7,8 and can show some letters, including spelling his name out, but not saying yet. We can not imagine a life without our Boeta standing between us, holding our hand, smiling with those eyes twinkling.

Also added this to “Love is in da Blog”, check it out, lovely idea…


Forgotten memories within a chair

**One of our first stories, which is special to us.** We are back tomorrow.

In the last little period I have been thinking about a specific chair we currently use for our son and what it represents. As I thought about it I realized it represents history, family, love, joy, sadness, creativeness, learning and even in a way, tragedy. The chair I am talking about is this one.


Admiring his chair

An unassuming baby feeding chair. In modern times many would say, leave it alone, danger, it does not conform to modern standards. Something for the attic or corner in the house. We say, get your bum in son and be part of its story.

The Tragedy

In the late 1800’s a horrible fatal accident took place, where a young mother was thrown from a horse and cart with a 3 month old baby boy. The mother died but the baby fell in a bush and was saved. The father gave this boy 3 names, of which 3rd was one of the mother’s. This boy was my father’s granddad. My father inherited his names. So, before the chair became part of our history, it nearly had another.


My dad, born in 1934, was the first, I know of, who used the chair, as it is said granddad bought it while grandma was pregnant.

Frikkie en Engela

My dad with his sister and yes “the chair“.

Oupa,Pa en Engela Prince Albert

Granddad, father and sister before they moved.

The chair was used to raise 3 children, it moved with the family from a remote country district to the city, near 800km, due to lack of work. Here the 3rd child was born, and it was stored for later.

About 20 years later my sister was born and out came ‘our chair‘ again to do service in silence to another group of 3 babies, of which I was the youngest.

We spent wonderful times in the chair, similar, I guess, to my father and his siblings. How do I know, mom told me.

In 2013, our son was born and as the first boy with our family name, I inherited the chair and soon after I received it, his bum was in the spot where so many people already sat and had fun, tantrums, food orgies, and whatever else.


Boeta’s first sitting.

Still too young at the time, it was just for a picture pose, and my intention was always to use the second part of the chair’s magic at about the age we are now (12 months).

DSC_0045 DSC_0031 DSC_0036Yes, it has a party trick, it can be used as a desk for play and eat in later stages, so when we learn and play we use it and he loves walking and pushing it around.

Why the story?

In relation to this chair, an unassuming chair, if I put my hand on its base, I touch 80 years of history, if I put my ear against it I can imagine countless dinners, hysterical laughter, tapping of toys against it, burps and the many other things that go with putting a baby in such a chair. This is not just an ordinary chair, it is a vital part of our family.

With us another chair was introduced for feeding. The question is if it will stand the 80 year test, being modern, time will tell.

DSC_0074Finally, I would like to say that with chairs same as people, we need to look at them carefully, they might be old, have scratches or bruises, from time spent in service, but they can play such vital roles in our lives as one kind of support or another. They hold stories full of riches and color.

What stories would these chairs have by now?

Taken round 1930’s, maybe earlier.

Ouma en Pa

My dad with his mom on another chair.

With this post I would like to congratulate “our chair” on a job well done in raising the children so far and wish “it” the best for the future, may it be a long one! It holds forgotten memories of lives past and present, a reminder of each of our childhoods.


Dad and sons on celebrating another child in the family!

Suspension Bridge

Every now and then in life, we get to a point were we need to cross a suspension bridge to get or stay on the correct path. Each individual handles these challenges in their own way, but within a marriage it is also important and fortunate to have support, we believe, to help you overcome those challenges, sometimes by just being there or just an ear to listen, a compassionate sounding board. Sometimes one needs an opinion and in giving such an opinion we believe in honesty above all else, not being insensitive or rude, but honest, something that puts value in a comment.

The sharing of joy, whether physical, emotional, psychic, or intellectual, forms a bridge between the sharers which can be the basis for understanding much of what is not shared between them, and lessens the threat of their difference.
– Adure Lord –

DSC_0029This is something we do with each other but also in our raising of our son. We constantly rely on each other’s strengths in everything related to our son and how we go about being his parents. This is the background of our next series of photos and it hopefully illustrates the point in a physical sense.

On our recent trip, we took a walk in the forest. On this path you get to a point where you have to cross a suspension bridge. Daddy was walking in front, looking for birdies to photograph and crossed the bridge, all the time focused on what is below and in the openings. Looking back he saw mom came to a sudden stop and he remembered that this is not one of mom’s favorite things in life. Adding to the situation was a little boy on the arm. She did not stop to turn around, she just wanted daddy to get off, so that she could do it as quick as possible. Daddy said to her to stay calm, there is nothing to worry, it is very safe and enjoy the experience. Easier said than done, when you have genuine fear for this situation.

DSC_0032 DSC_0036 DSC_0042

She did it and got big applause from daddy, even showing a little grin toward the end. Proud of mom. We walked further and had more fun, taking in the calmness of the forest. On our way back, just before we got to the bridge, daddy decided that Boeta’s first walk on a suspension bridge should be more joyous and he should definitely enjoy this experience for future recurrences. He gave mom the camera and took Boeta.

DSC_0085 DSC_0097

First, one must enjoy it, so we had a bit of a laugh beforehand. Daddy then took the little man on the suspension bridge and walked over to the other side, turned around and put him down.

DSC_0110 DSC_0117

We walked hand in hand on the bridge and he soon realized that this was fun. So daddy let go and victory – Boeta’s first walk on the suspension bridge!

DSC_0127 DSC_0142

After a short walk on the bridge, daddy picked him up again and we stood there, enjoying the forest below, together. Seeing what we could see without apprehension. We influence how our children react to things around them more than you can ever hope to realize, of that we are sure. Look again at the photos of Boeta with mom, grabbing on, tension in both, and now look at this last shot.


Even mom tried to enjoy the walk back a little more, though inherent fear will always stay. We joined as parents and used the simple strengths of one to overcome the suspension bridge to the benefit of all 3 of us. This is our way of doing things and in such situations as a family we sometimes rely on the strengths of one, to navigate us safely over such bridges, even Boeta does his bit with his innocent love of life itself.

Also part of Just Jot it January

Just jot it January 2015


Safety with mom when you are not feeling 100% is priceless. As many of you know we have had a little of a tough week with Boeta, and his throat infection, combined with the molars breaking through.


The fever is still up and down, but less severe than before. Eating is now a challenge, as he wants to gag on anything with a little grain, so we moved back in time to 11-12 month food. This provides a good base to keep the little man fed without the drama we went through on Tuesday with him, after the doctor visit.

Daddy has to keep his game up, to make the little man laugh and forget the pains while eating or taking medicine. We have been up and down a few times a night, when he stirs and he seems to dream more and talk more in his sleep this week. We are all looking forward to the weekend.

When it is all said and done, cuddling with mom when you are not feeling 100% is still the best thing in the world, so daddy took a photo of Boeta, sleeping and feeling safe, in the arm of his mommy.


The Essence

The essence of our son. Ok, we know it is back to back posts about him and we will get back to scenery, lions and birds, soon, but it is an important milestone, 1.5 years for us and deserves a back to back Boeta. You see 18 months ago, when the sun set, we were on a new road, incredible, exciting, scary, a little unexpected, but oh so wonderful and with the grace of our Heavenly Father, we have reached this day.


After Boeta’s bath last night, daddy decided to try to capture his son’s essence at 18 months. Yes, missing is the odd tantrum or unhappiness due to one of his parents not playing with him or something he wants but cannot get, but those are luckily not very often. So as the sun went down over our rumbling ocean, daddy released the little chap and snapped away. Enjoy. This is our son.

02-DSC_0774 03-DSC_0783 04-DSC_0790 06-DSC_0803 07-DSC_0807 09-DSC_0828 10-DSC_0831 11-DSC_0837 12-DSC_0840 13-DSC_0842 14-DSC_0856 15-DSC_0857 16-DSC_0864 17-DSC_0867 18-DSC_0875 19-DSC_0881 20-DSC_0883 21-DSC_0884 22-DSC_0889 23-DSC_0894 24-DSC_0897 25-DSC_0900

Shoutout to mom…

This is a post for mom. She is away on a 3 week trip to USA, flying somewhere between 2 continents right now. We miss her already.

1-DSCF0050As you fly away
we need you to know
we are okay
although we are feeling a little low.

You are our delicate flower
such a beautiful little seed
You created with your womanly power
giving him all he needs

As you fly away
we will count day and night
yes, we are okay,
but coming home will be such a delight.

We love you mom!
The Boys.
O.R.O. 2014

5-DSC_0068Daddy is no poet, but we hope she likes our little effort and gets comfort from it.

Note: The flowers are that of a Anacampseros sp., a local succulent. They flower at sundown for at most 1 hour for 1 day. They are delicate little things.

Swiping the screen at 16 months!

Sometimes we just cannot believe the things kids can do today and how early they seem to get this modern technology world. To be clear, we think many kids manage these things even earlier if allowed, so this post it not about “look-look what he can do!“, although we are proud of him. Most of us within our followers, certainly, remember times before computers and advanced electronics.

We grew up before television, which we saw for the first time in the late 70’s. It started at 6 pm and we could only see the first hour kiddies programming on a black and white television. We played until dark most of the times, not that safe anymore in cities, especially. We sat around the table in the kitchen, talking, sharing stories. Playing card games as a family was lots of fun or having a night with friends, making music, with instruments (dad played guitar) every now and then or dressing up. Lots have changed since those days with things like eating, mostly part of television viewing nowadays.

As a kid, daddy loved listening to music, by putting a vinyl record on a one speaker player and dancing in front of it. Boeta loves doing dancing too, but the music is “live” on the television, kiddies music. 5-DSC_0052

Daddy had a toy (which one can still find today), a ball with various shaped blocks, with which Boeta also plays and loves to play with, today.

 6-DSC_00571-DSC_0046Thinking about how things have changed and what these little people get exposed to every day and what they can do, it is amazing in one sense and in some cases worrying. Looking back again, we had our first radio controlled toys, only at around the age of 12 years. Boeta, at 16 months, have learned to play with his, already!

 4-DSC_0049 2-DSC_0047 3-DSC_0048We had our first computers at University level, 286’s, then 386 and so on. It changed lives, made for hours of sitting in front of huge old screens, saving everything on floppies. Boeta, gets time every night on the Samsung note, playing kiddies games with mom. He loves it and has shown the capability to understand what to do without much tutoring.

1-DSC_0005 2-DSC_0009 Before you think, oh, they are living in the past, no, the comparisons are more to show the difference between us and our son. It is amazing to see and enjoy.

We think it is important to retain some of the old traditions and interestingly enough since he started eating, for instance, we all eat around the table every night. We will focus as most people can already see from the blog on nature and exposing him as much as possible to it, nurturing a respect for it, if nothing else. We will also have to focus on progressive development in terms of all things modern, because it is so very important as well.

This means that as Boeta grows and develops, mom and dad will also have to work to stay with the times, to help everyone make better informed decisions.

Being Dad.

Over the past weeks the reality of life has become a vivid and unrelenting truth. We usually try to ignore certain facts, trusting that tomorrow, when we wake up, everything will be the same with regards to our family. We have had to confront the truth that one day, you wake and you cannot call or talk to a loved one, twice already.

Being a fairly new dad, I have been thinking about this and what mine meant to me. As time marches on, one tends to reflect more on past times, I think this is just natural.

12-DSC_0118One of my earliest memories was going to church with my dad. I was always fascinated with his hands and while the church was going on, I would play with his hands. This was before I went to school. It is apt to remember this, because religion has always been a core part of his life, to this day.

My dad always made time for his children, after he came home from work, he had tea with mom, and then we went to the beach to play or swim. I loved sport and played rugby, so we spent time catching a high ball or learning how to pass properly. Many times we just played various beach games.

We never had excess growing up, but we never needed anything as well. He used his bonus (13th check) every year to pay for our holiday as a family. This was important to them as parents and we were lucky to have spent many years together having fun as a family of 5.

I think one of the biggest influences he had on me, was love for nature. We share a love for the Karoo, animals, birding and the beauty of nature in general. As I got older, we spend many hours walking around on farms, in nature parks or just sitting quietly, taking it in. He has always been an avid bonsai collector and I will always remember him snipping away, lovingly caring for his trees.

01-DSC_008902-DSC_0090 04-DSC_0093 05-DSC_0094 06-DSC_0095 07-DSC_0096 08-DSC_0097 03-DSC_0092He believed in us, unconditionally, he was always there when we needed him. He instilled in us the core values we needed to become functional productive people, but he showed us what it meant to be a parent and in my case a father and much-loved dad and granddad.

When I think about who I am as a person today, I do make my own choices and I do things a little different in terms of those choices, but the core, the base, from which I make those life decisions come from them, a reference guide if you will. We were incredibly lucky to have such a strong base as children and we are still learning today, they still provide an example of love to us.

I hope that I can have the same influence on my son, giving him those self-same core values. He has the advantage of still getting to experience some of his granddad’s loves, and we can just hope that it will rub off at this early age, even if he does not remember it.

09-DSC_0104 10-DSC_0114 11-DSC_0115To this day, my dad is still my hero, he is the man I am still striving to be, he is and was my mentor, the person I turned to, when I wanted to talk to someone. My parents were my cheerleaders when I played sport, my shoulder to cry on, the constant light, always there in the background.

I find it tough to put what my dad means to me in words, it seems there is not really words to describe what he means, and maybe this is just, because he is so much more than this to me, he is my dad. I am proud to be a father and just hope I can do him justice in being a dad to my son. It is most important to me.


Piano man (toddler)

We have noticed from an early age, when Boeta was only a few months old, he loves music, when he could just sit up, he rocked to music, very cute indeed. I recently posted a video of him rocking a little, since then he started doing turns as well.

Over the last few months, ever since March 2014, when we visited his Grandparents, he loves  hearing a piano. He got to play one a few times on the trip, and it stayed with him, last Sunday, for instance there was a concert on television with a piano, he stood and watched for nearly 20 minutes.

Our family history does have a lot of music in its genes, and the piano does play a big role. My parents both can play a bit, granddad played guitar, little piano and sang in church choir nearly all his life. Grandmother also played a little, so did her sisters.

We had a piano in our house all my life and although I could have played if I really wanted to, I was more interested in sports. I did join the school band, played bugle and sang in school choirs at various stages, so did my brother, who played the trumpet.


Boeta’s first real piano session with his aunt (dad’s sister), the real musical power of the family.

Our sister had music running through her veins and became a gifted music teacher, singer, conductor of 3 choirs and a marimba band to name a few achievements.


Opera singing


Marimba band

The mother of our house also grew up with a piano, learned to play it and has the ability to play by ear. She sang in choirs, one of which is fairly well-known in and outside South Africa, made a record (vinyl those days) with them and even traveled to Europe with them. Her piano is still in our possession, but is still in Struis Bay.

2-DSC_0004 (2)

Boeta playing with mom at Struis Bay.

3-DSC_0006So we are now working on a plan to move it up to our permanent house, but moving a piano 700 km is pretty pricy. We just feel, it is important, so we have to do it, sooner than later. We think that it is important, as parents, to notice and promote or support any activity our child shows interest in, even if it does not go further than a love for it.

Yesterday, we bought our son a xylophone (glockenspiel to be more correct), his second, but the first one had wood bars, and not really sounding at all, but the new one has metal bars and he took to it immediately. Time will tell where this music love will develop to, but we might just have another piano man in our house.

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