Settling down to a rhythm

It has been pretty hectic over the last year. So many new things to absorb. We are in a state of continuous flux right now, Little man going to see his new school today, I am continuing the pursuit of my new artistic life and mom is traveling even more.

Boeta turned 4 a month ago. How time flies. He is standing 112 cm tall and weighs nearly 21 kg. That means he is the average length of a 6-year-old right now. By all accounts he is doing well and bilingual enough to go to a English school, although it is our second language in the home.

We did take him on his birthday holiday this year again. We spend a few days in the Addo and then traveled to some other parks and new spots.

In the process we did a few mountain walks to waterfalls, which he enjoyed thoroughly.

So that is a quick update to the last 2 months. Have a great weekend.


35 thoughts on “Settling down to a rhythm

  1. GP Cox says:

    Good to see you back and Happy Birthday to Boeta. You’re right, time does fly by – but it sure didn’t hurt your photography – they’re terrific!

  2. blondie63 says:

    Wow the animals are incredible! That is so cool Boeta is bilingual! I wished I knew a second language! He is so cute and growing up so fast! Have a great day, Hugz Lisa

  3. gwenniesgardenworld says:

    Nice to hear from you again ! I hope Boeta will love to go to school ! It is a big step for him.

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