African Black Oystercatcher (Haematopus ostralegus)

These largish black waders are found mostly in South Africa. Mainly in estuaries, coastlines and lagoons.

We see them regularly here, coming and going from their nesting sites or sleeping spots, in groups. You cannot miss the red/orange bill and eye-ring. Here are a few pictures I took at various spots.

Some of the photographs are on mussel colonies and I understand there may be oysters around here too, but not sure.

06-IMG_0468 11-2010_0215beachview0026 12-2010_0215beachview0052 15-2010_01300017 16-2010_06120087 19-DSCF1654 21-DSCF1685 22-2010_0215beachview0035Previous birding post:

Pied Kingfisher

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