This blog has in many ways been the about the birth of our family, our life at the coast and development of all 3 of us as we went through the last 3 years. It started with the little man.


It grew from there. Mom’s career developed more and more, the little man went through all the first growing phases and dad grew and made choices that for the first time seems to fit perfectly into his outlook on life and our family.

First I started to develop my photography and this is far from finished and then I got in touch with my artistic side again and started to give it space to grow. I listened to my inner self…


This is leading me on lots of artistic adventures and roads I thought I would never travel. I am now fully committed to this adventure. I want to see where it leads me before my time is up.


I have and am still learning to paint, physically and digitally.

lost-to-sea madison-painting-dblanco

It is a tremendous road of learning and in no little part it is thanks to my wife and boy who supports me so much.

Am I saying this is the end…nope…this is the beginning.

I am trying to figure out how I will go forward from here with one aim, one blog. I will not be able to run all types of things anymore, need to simplify and focus, need to maximize time available. So forgive the slow responses and little interaction from us, we are still here and we will NOT disappear.


We are looking toward the horizon and planning trying to make the best decisions for all 3 of us, based on the here and now. Words into action and dreams into reality.


So as the sun sets on the this day we will be here tomorrow and the next, but with a vibrant new day and a new way of doing things. Thanks for the support over the last 3 years and hope you stay with us going forward…



20 thoughts on “Decisions…

  1. 1nmbirder says:

    Creative outlets are a fabulous way of getting to know and express yourself and your life. I have always enjoyed your stunning photography and tales of your boy and life. In whatever direction you decide to go, I will happily follow along. God has blessed you and your family and you always show thankfulness for this.

  2. Jim Stewart says:

    For me, this blog is several things: enjoyable, informative, an inspiration, and just plain fun. Watching your work change, watching Boeta grow, seeing the beauty of where you live, it is all a privilege to me and I thank you. I will stay connected and appreciate whatever and whenever you choose to share.

  3. Crystal M. Trulove says:

    I have enjoyed your transformations over the years, and watching your beautiful son grow. What a lovely photo, the one with Boeta pointing past his momma. And your art has morphed so quickly! It’s so exciting! To go from photos, to clumsy painting, to brilliant painting, to awkward digital work, to truly astonishing creations like those above. (I looooove the one with a woman in pearls and leaves) It has really not been that long, you know? For your skills to develop and sharpen. It makes me think there was this artist in you just dying to get out and express himself. Thank goodness you got in touch with your artist side.

  4. Peter Klopp says:

    Congratulations on a new beginning in the area of artistic photography! We often find ourselves in life at the crossroads. It seems to me that you have chosen a creative and fulfilling path. Great photos!

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