The Healer


The Healer

I thought one of the ways to enhance the blog in future was to not only give you an image or 5, but also speak more toward my feelings and the reasons for the work.

I will begin with saying that the whole family has the flu. This already had put me on this path of wanting to create an image with that theme. What led me to use the birds was actually very sad. The bird being held softly in her hands is in fact a swallow that was killed by a vehicle and I found it on my morning walk.

I photographed it with flowers and tar (maybe a future image), but being so fond of swallows since I can remember my overwhelming sadness for this loss and wish for it to fly again crept into this design and eventual composite. I used the Tern image to link the river and the ocean in the background with the model.

Hope this post in interesting enough that you would like to see more.


36 thoughts on “The Healer

  1. pensitivity101 says:

    So beautiful. I found a dead swallow on the road and picked it up as I couldn’t bear the thought of it being squashed to mush by passing traffic.
    Thank you for re following me by the way.

  2. Pieter says:

    It is very beautiful! Really like the bird up in the sky watching over his deceased feathered friend. And your model is great too, in that beautiful red dress.. it’s somewhere between a painting and a photograph, really like what you’ve did..

    and blessings to the Swallow, may it be free from suffering now!

  3. AmyRose🌹 says:

    I really like the effects of this art. The whole so speaks to my spirit. Strange that you are doing art with your photography because that is exactly what I have been led to do as well. Hope you are feeling better along with your family. 💖

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